Research Area / Our research group focuses on fundamental study of mechanical behavior of nano-structured materials with emphasis on energy and environment applications. We believe that it is critical to obtain a fundamental understanding of how materials deform at different length scales, before the small scale structures can successfully be applied to various engineering applications. We currently have projects that systematically study the strength and plasticity of single crystalline metals, the effect of including a single grain boundary, and the effect of having coherent and incoherent interfaces in the form of multilayers. We take the understanding from these fundamental studies and apply the knowledge to various engineering applications in the field of EEWS research.

  • Size Dependent Strength and Plasticity of Single Crystalline Metals
  • Mechanical Properties of Nanoscale Metal Multilayers
  • Fundamental Studies of Metal Nanostructures using In-Situ SEM Testing
  • Mechanical Properties of Porous Structures
  • Nanostructured Transparent Electrode for Flexible Displays, Solar Cells
  • Wearable Flexible Energy Device
  • Mechanical Properties of Li-ion Battery Nanostructures